October 10, 2018 Casceres SP

Decisions get made for you sometimes.  One of our bucket list items for this trip was to visit the Alhambra in Granada.  We finally felt close enough to look at buying a ticket as you must buy in advance.  So when Ron logged on to the site there was only one day left in the entire month, so now we have to be at the Alhambra on October 15.  So all our thoughts of heading to Galicia, or Portugal were over and we had to head south.  

That being decided for us we decided to go ahead and get to Seville straight away.  It was a bit of stretch for one day so we picked Casceres based on it being about 60% of the way to Seville.  We drove for about 4 hours on really good freeways thru some very open plains.  We also passed thru a substantial mountain range with passes at 4000 feet called the Sierra de Gredos.

The old city Casceres is a UNESCO world heritage site, due to its well preserved mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque buildings.  It also has seven towers in place that were put built by the Moors when they conquered Spain.  

The main gate into the old town.

After checking into the campground we took the city bus to downtown, and eventually found the old town.  You can see why it has been a fort since Roman times as it really sits in a commanding position over the surrounding countryside.  The area is well preserved, though a modern vibrant city has sprung up around it.

The Plaza right outside the old town.  We were tempted by the low prices, but opted for a good nights sleep, as dinner did not start until 830pm.
An example of Romanesque architecture with some Baroque influences.

We enjoyed walking around and taking in the sites for a couple of hours.  Both of us are still feeling under the weather so in the end we called it an early night and headed back for hopefully a good sleep.

Pigs being fattened up to make Jamon (ham)under the walls of Carceres.

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