October 11, 2018 Seville SP

Some of our other friends are also touring Europe this month.  They are staying in 5 star hotels, and River Cruise Boats.  Tonight we are parked in a RV storage yard under a high speed rail line, next to a freeway, and to finish off the ambience the field next door has recently been plowed and apparently well fertilized by the smell.  Seville is the 4th largest city in Spain with a metro of over 1.5 million so it is not set up for RV travelers.  

Today is the first day we really did no tourism.  We woke up late as we are both still battling a bug, particularly Ton.  After we got organized we bought just enough gas to get to Seville as the highlight of our day was going to be a visit to one of the two Costco’s in Spain where gas was advertised at 1.15 per liter.  The norm in Spain looks to be around 1.28/l.

This was a day to take care of logistics as we also needed propane, so as we drove down the freeway we were keeping an eye out for a gas station with LP gas for cars.  After a while we found one and Ron eventually figured out the system We are now probably set for propane for the remainder of the trip.

Just a note on roads, Spain has an extensive system of freeways that are actually free.  In France to keep us on back roads all we had to do was turn on the no tolls button on the GPS.  In Spain we keep finding ourselves rolling down freeways at 60mph, with cars whizzing by at 80mph.  It is in many ways more relaxing (Ron can drink his coffee while driving), but you miss the feel for the countryside.  The last two days this served its purpose as with both of us not feeling well and some distance to travel the shorter days paid off.

A view of the plains of Spain, at 95kph.
And some vineyards.  Once we are done with Seville, it is time to slow down again.

Having said that the GPS decided to route us the last 10 kilometers to Costco right thru the heart of Seville.  Ron got to test his urban driving skills for about 45 minutes until we reached Costco.

Costco in Spain looks exactly like Costco in the US, and a lot of the products come from the US.  But there are a lot of different products that make it interesting.  Even being conservative in purchases the refrigerator and cupboards in François are stuffed tonight.  Interestingly when we got to the pump to buy our fuel our Costco credit card would not work because it does not have a PIN.  After some scrambling around we got our cheap diesel, before retiring to our luxury accommodations under the train tracks.  Another romantic day in Europe.

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