October 12, 2018 Seville SP

Seville was always our target for the trip.  After a poor nights sleep on the wrong side of the tracks we decided to shift to a parking lot near the city center.  Ron was a little worried about driving into the middle of a big city during rush hour.  It turned out to be a breeze as it was a holiday.  We are now parked next to the Guadalquivir River along with about 40 other RV’s.

François with 40 or 50 friends in Seville.

Seville is a great city with an interesting history.  Initially a Roman city, it was conquered and ruled by the Arabs for five hundred years.  Many of the major buildings and the city walls were built by the Arabs.  The Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe, and the Alcazar the old Arab palace, are the two main attractions and we intended to go to both of them today.  When we went to buy tickets for the Alcazar we were told there were no tickets available until tomorrow.  So we are now spending one more night in Seville.

The skyline of Seville, the building in the foreground is the Golden Tower built by the Arabs, the Cathedral is in the background, and the church tower on the left is a converted mosque.

We did get into the Cathedral, and it is very impressive, and large.  While the architectural style is similar to the French Cathedrals, the art and the alters are quite different.  We spent a couple of hours going thru on our own, and occasionally eavesdropping on the guided tours.

The exterior of the Cathedral, it is hard to capture the size of the building.

During one of our eavesdropping sessions we learned the story of Christopher Columbus’ body.  While he is famously Italian, his trip of discovery was funded by the Spanish king and left from Seville.  When he died he had asked that his body be buried in what is today the Dominican Republic, but it did not happen and he was originally buried in Seville.  After a couple of years his son had half of his body sent to Italy, and the remainder stayed in Seville.  A little later the half of his body in Seville was sent to the Dominican Republic.  In the late 1700’s the Dominican Republic rebelled against Spain and one of the last things the Spanish did before leaving was to move Christopher’s body to Cuba.  When the Cuban’s successfully rebelled against Spain the Spanish again moved Christopher to Seville.  A little later everyone got over the rebellions and etc, and Christopher is back in the Dominican Republic.  I don’t know if the story is true, but it is a good story.

The crypt for Christopher Columbus.
The cafe scene in Seville was very appealing.

There was also a bull fight today, and we walked by the arena just before the start.  There was an incredible energy to the crowd as they entered.  While neither one of us would be comfortable watching, it is an important part of the heritage of Spain and Seville.  Seville also has a great cafe scene, in fact Ron thinks it is better than Paris.  Today is a holiday, and the cafe’s were full, and it was great people watching.  We decided to have a meal, and it was ok.  But we enjoyed ourselves.   So far our best meal on the trip was at the little campground we stayed at in Tordesillas.

The crowd entering the bull fighting arena.

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