October 14, 2018 Granada SP

This will be a very short update.  We woke up to pounding rain and a little wind.  It caught us off guard as it had been beautiful when we went to bed.  The remnants of an Atlantic Hurricane was passing thru.  As we were both awake, we decided to head over to Granada early.

It was still dark when we pulled out of Seville.

We got out of the city early, and had the highway nearly to ourselves most of the way, which was good as the weather was terrible.  Despite that we made good time on the freeway and pulled into Granada around 11:15.  

Our plan here is to stay in a campground as there are not a lot of good options.  Since we were paying for a campground we decided to use today to take care of some laundry.  When Ron went in to check in he was told it was impossible to park until 2pm and we needed to come back then.  It was raining sideways, and not knowing the town we had no idea what to do for a couple of hours.  We ended up driving over to a shopping center and parking there.  Since there was nothing else to do, everything was closed on Sunday, we watched a movie.

We returned about 1:30 and the same surly person who did not want anything to do with us was now all smiles and helpful.  We pulled into a half empty campground and we are pretty sure all of the empty spots did not clear out in the 2 hours we were in the shopping center.  We also got our laundry done.

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