October 18, 2018 Torre del Bengalbon SP

The weather today was supposed to be very poor all day.  There was a large storm that passed thru overnight complete with lightning and high winds.  As a result our plans to visit Malaga were put on hold.

We did shift up the coast about 150km to the town of Torre del Bengalbon which is a “suburb” of Malaga.  We are staying in a private aire which while small is more like a campground than an aire, but is priced like an aire.  We met the owners who are planning a trip to the US and promised to spend some time discussing camping at home.  You can tell from the layout that they are RV’ers themselves as everything is laid out exactly how you would like it to be.  

Since we did no proper sight seeing today we thought we would talk about Ton’s second favorite thing to do in Europe which is wander thru supermarkets.  In general any town of over 2 or 3 thousand has a supermarket of one of the major brands.  Several of the brands cover both France and Spain.  In general they are similar to the US in layout, but there are always local touches.  In France you are guaranteed to find a huge Cheese section or Fromaggerie full of interesting cheeses.  In Spain you will find huge hams made of the legs of the pig.  You can buy a 20 kilo (45 pound) ham leg for around 60 Euros.  If you do not have space for a 20 kilo ham leg you can have the butcher in the restaurant carve you chunks of ham from a selection of 4 or 5 different kind of ham legs.  Even the Costco in Seville had a section for ham legs.  In both countries you will also find a huge wine section with a wide selection of wine.  We are still sticking to our €2.99 or less rule and after about 30 bottles between the two trips have only had 3 bad wines.

A selection of legs of ham.  Every grocery in Spain has these on display.
If you do not have room for a whole ham, you can get some sliced for you.
A small shop in a village which is not large enough to have a grocery.  Note the fresh peppers hanging on the shelves.
Most groceries have a large seafood section.  Unfortunately we do not have the ability to do fresh fish.

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