October 23, 2018 Valencia SP

Today we wanted to see the new part of Valencia.  At some point recently the residents of the city rerouted the river that used to run thru the center of the city to prevent flooding.  This opened up the old river bed for development which they turned into a giant park thru the city center.

At one end they have constructed some very monumental buildings with a very modern design.  This area of development is the largest in Europe of it’s type.  The main buildings are an opera house, a science museum, an Imax theater, and an aquarium. They are tied together with large walkways and fountains.  It is an immense development and quite striking.  The opera house in particular impressed us with its design.

The opera house in the background and the Imax theater in the foreground.
It is an impressive complex, reflecting pond in front of the Science Museum.

It was quite a walk there, and eventually we tried to take a bus, Ron spent quite a while trying to sort out how the bus system worked.  We did eventually work it out, but had an issue when we found out that the bus drivers would not make change for €20 note.  We emptied our pockets but were about 40 cents short of the €3 we need.  Luckily a lady in one of the seats saw this ordeal and handed us 2 10’s for our 20, everyone was happy.  Another good person doing a good deed for complete strangers, we find this happens far more often than the opposite.

Having walked quite a distance we headed back to our campsite.  We met Pat and Jessie for another couple of drinks.  We are hoping we meet them again in a few years in the US so we can repay some of their kindness to us.

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