October 9, 2018 Tordesillas SP

Today we left the land of Pintxo (Basque) and entered  the land of Tapas (Spanish).  We stopped in two towns today.  The first town was a planned stop to see some things we were interested in, and the second was picked based on it being a good distance to drive, with a decent place to sleep.

We spent a noisy night in the parking lot of a Leclerc grocery store in Soria. The store was located in a kind of industrial park, and had a lot of truck traffic going by.  Both of us have a bit of a bug so neither one of us slept very well between being sick and the noise of the traffic all night.

Our plan for the day was to head for the town of Aranda de Duero.  It is another old fortified town with a bunch of caves under it that were originally for defense of the town, but have recently been converted to wine production.  The drive from Soria was easy, in general the roads in Spain are a little wider and a little straighter than France, and this results in quicker and easier trips between towns.  We arrived a little before noon, found the aire and headed into town to check it out.  After a quick stop at the visitors center we headed off to a Bodega that also had a cave under it that we could tour.  We arrived at the Bodega at the same time as a Danish couple so we went on the tour together.  When the tour was done we walked around town, and decided we had seen enough of Aranda.  As it was still early we decided to drive a couple more hours.

The cave below the Bodega in Aranda.

After some research we picked the town of Tordesillas based on it being the distance we wanted to drive with a good place to sleep for the night.  Our intention was to get to the campground early, and take it easy for the rest of the night.  But as we pulled in the town looked interesting, and the restaurant was offering a great deal on a Asada (meat) platter for two.  So we ended up walking into the town to admire the churches, and having probably our best meal so far in Spain.  It was a very nice ending to the day.  During the meal we ended up talking to a Dutch/English couple who raved about Portugal.  We are getting really tempted to visit.

Ton really likes these trees, we think these are Spanish evergreen oaks.
The town of Tordesillas.

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