April 28, 2019 Sens FR

The flights today were courtesy of Alaska and American Airlines.  Both flights were quite full, and the American flight had the tightest seats we have seen in quite a while.  Ton managed to get a little sleep while I was up the whole flight.  

To get from the airport in Paris to Sens is a fairly straightforward.  You catch a subway into Paris for about 40 minutes, you then transfer to another subway that takes you to the train station.  From Paris to Sens is about a one hour train ride, unfortunately it is not one of the cool high speed trains but just a little local.  The most difficult thing about the trip is lugging the suitcases thru the subway and on and off the trains.

We arrived in Sens about 2pm, checked into the hotel and slept for a couple of hours until supper.  We had a Chinese Buffet as it was the only option near the hotel besides McDonalds.  The Chinese was interesting as in every country the food is adapted to local tastes. In this case this means in addition to the usual suspects of fried rice, and noodles, fish, and calamari, there were “Chinese” frog legs, and snails.  The frog legs were quite good actually.

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