April 29, 2019 Sens FR

Today we slept in until a little after 9am, and then headed over to Veron.  Our first linguistic adventure of the day was with the front desk clerk.  Her English was very good and she had spent a year in the US as an exchange student.  We asked her for a taxi and she asked where we wanted to go I replied Veron, she did not understand, so I tried again and she did not understand, so I wrote it down and she giggled and said oh the village next to hers.  I was pronouncing it Ve-RON, and it  should have been VER-on.

We picked up François and settled up our storage bill for the winter.  Next stop was Auchan where we picked up a few groceries to get us started, with a promise from me to Ton to return tomorrow to finish up.  We moved over to the aire in Gron which is conveniently located to all of the shopping and Ton spent the afternoon setting up the van with minimal help from me, I mostly tried to stay out of the way.

François settling in with our American and French neighbors.

We were in the middle of our meal when a van similar to ours pulled in to the spot next to ours.  As they were backing in I heard the directions being given with a distinctive American accent so we stuck our heads out to say hello.  Thom and Karen Metcalf had picked up their new to them Knaus a few days earlier and were getting some last minute things taken care of.  We had a nice conversation with them and enjoyed their stories of traveling the world.  They had a cool portable washing machine that Ton is interested in hearing how well it works as finding places to wash clothes is her pet peeve.

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