January 17, 2019 Fallon NV

After getting up we both felt a little better so we decided to push on.  We planned an easy day down to Fallon, and Ron optimistically commented that if we got to Fallon too early we could go on to the next town so we would have a shorter drive into Las Vegas the next day.

The weather was supposed to be rain with a chance of mixed rain and snow at the passes.  They were mostly right, and the first 150 miles from Klamath to Alturas was just that.  The next leg was about 80 miles from Alturas  to Susanville California.  As we climbed up to the pass the rain turned to mixed rain, and then turned to just snow.  Before we new it we were on snow covered roads and in 4 wheel drive.  After about 5 miles the lane we were driving in was suddenly clear of snow though the other lane had about 8 or 10 inches covering it.  It turns out we were behind a snow plow.  We lucked out and followed him for about 20 miles until he turned off.  We covered the last 15 miles or so to Susanville in 4wd.  While it was slow we made the trip without any real drama, though we did see one accident.  Once we descended to Susanville we were back in the rain for the rest of the trip.  

The snow plow we followed for about 20 miles.  Thanks.

Because of the snow Ron’s optimistic hope of going past Fallon was dashed, and his back was pretty stiff from driving so we decided to spend one more night in a hotel.

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