January 18, 2019 Las Vegas NV

Our route today was on one of Ron’s favorite stretches of roads.  US-95 from Fallon to Las Vegas passes thru some of the most stark terrain in the US.  There is a town about every 100 miles and the rest of the time you are surrounded by desert and mountains.  Generally the traffic is light so you can enjoy the views.  

We have traveled this route quite a bit as in addition to being the way we prefer to go to Las Vegas to visit our son, it also is a way to access Death Valley National Park.  

It also passes by Area 54 which is an Air Force test and bombing range, where if you believe the movies the US government keeps the aliens we have captured!

The Mojave Desert with the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.

In addition to visiting our son on this trip, a bunch of our friends from Portland are flying in for the weekend to celebrate some birthdays and to enjoy Las Vegas.  Alex picked us up at the RV park and we decided to head to the strip for dinner.  While Ron was parking our rental car, Ton and Alex ran into Goi one of our friends so she joined us for dinner.

Later we went out for a late dinner and some drinks at a nice but expensive Tapas bar.  The rest of the group headed off for some clubbing while Ton and I used our advanced age and ailments to skip the clubs and head to bed.

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