January 19, 2019 Las Vegas NV

Today we spent with our friends, beginning with a walk down the strip for lunch at a Beer haus.  After that the group splintered for a while with different people doing what they were most interested in in Las Vegas.  Some went to gamble, some went shopping, and Ton and I relaxed in one of our friends posh rooms in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

In the evening we headed out to dinner at a great Korean Barbeque near the strip.  Everyone ate far too much beef and pork, but it was delicious.  Following dinner we headed back to the Cosmopolitan and shared some drinks in another friends room.  They had a fabulous view of the strip at night, and got to see a fireworks show, and the fountain show at the Bellagio from their balcony.

A fancy dinner with our friends.

When the group decided to go clubbing again for the night, Ton and I headed home to Scout for a good nights sleep.

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