January 20, 2018 Las Vegas NV

This was the last day for all of our friends in Las Vegas as they all need to get back home to go to work.  The guys and Ton wanted to watch the football games, while the girls were either sleeping in from their club adventure, or shopping.  

Las Vegas has a replica of the Hofbrauhaus from Munich and we decided to watch the game there.  We found ourselves in this cavernous beer hall with one other couple.  It was kind of strange to have that much space to ourselves.  Both Ton and Tim one of our friends had been to the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich and they thought it was a pretty good imitation. Our waitress had a slight accent so we asked if she was German, and it turns out she was from Heidelberg in Germany.  Her and her husband are touring the US by RV for the past few years and have stopped here to raise a little money.  We enjoyed comparing the experience of RVing here and Europe for a while until she had to get off to another table.

Ton and her posse at Fremont Street.

Following the games everyone decided we had been in the posh part of Las Vegas too long and decided to head down to Fremont street.  The clientele are not as elegant, but Ron felt like he belonged there, and the drinks were significantly cheaper.  Our friends decided it was time to take advantage of the lower cost of gambling there, so we took our leave and headed back to Scout for the night.

When we got back there was a Blood Red Wolf Moon which was nice.  The weather was talking about high wind warnings, and while a couple of good gusts hit it did not seem to be as bad as they indicated.

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