January 21, 2019 Las Vegas NV

Today we spent the day with our son Alex.  He wanted to have Korean food for lunch so we had our second Korean barbeque in three days.  It was also good and Alex really enjoyed it.

After that we headed out for some shopping and then went to watch the local hockey team on TV as Alex has become a big fan. Who would have ever thought of Las Vegas as a hot bed of hockey.  Unfortunately the home team lost.

Ton was looking for some Mexican food and had a place in mind.  When we got there though the restaurant was closed.  We just drove randomly down the road after that looking for a Mexican restaurant and found a place called Pepe’s.  It turned out to be both the cheapest and possibly the best meal we had in Las Vegas.  Ton really loved their salsa.

Vegas by night.  Nothing quite like it.

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