January 22, 2019 San Diego CA

Today we shifted to San Diego to see our other son Dylan.  The drive over was pretty uneventful. 

Ton and I were talking about the difference in how we treat distances here versus Europe.  We decided to take it easy driving on the trip.  Taking it easy in the US are 300 to 400 mile drives each day.  As an example the drive to San Diego today was 328 miles.  Our easy drives here would be 500 to 600km drives in Europe which is much farther than we would ever consider driving there.  Some of it is the nature of the country.  The next closest town to Las Vegas would be San Bernardino which in itself is about 180 miles, so there would be no short drives.  When we come home it is interesting how quickly we can switch to the American sense of distance.

We met Dylan for dinner and went to a nice brewery.  We had an interesting conversation about the government shutdown, as the office he works is closed though he is getting paid because he is working thru the University of Montana. 

Dylan and his dad.

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