January 25, 2019 San Diego CA

This morning Dylan came over to give us his car for the day.  We planned a shopping trip to stock up for the ride home, and to pick up a couple of things only available in California.

After spending the morning shopping on the Navy Base, we joined Dylan for a nice pizza lunch in a restaurant in his neighborhood.  After lunch we headed over to Costco to pick up Ton’s favorite noodles that are only available in California.  When Dylan finished work he joined us at the RV park for dinner and a couple of good Oregon micro brews we had brought down.  We had a nice chat for a couple of hours before turning in for the night.

The good news is that the government shutdown is over, and Dylan will be able to return to a normal schedule on Monday.  He was telling us that he attended a conference in Washington during the shutdown, and despite the shutdown they arranged for him to get a tour of the Department of Interior headquarters.  He said it was quite weird walking thru the empty building with the Christmas decorations still up in mid-January.

Sunset in San Diego.

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