January 26, 2019 San Diego CA

Dylan suggested we head up to San Juan Capistrano to visit the mission there.  It is about an hour north of here and you have to transit thru Camp Pendleton.  The Marines were out playing today.  There was an amphibious ship off shore, and we saw some ship to shore movement including some helicopters, and amphibious tractors.  It brought back some nice memories for Ron.

A CH-53 helicopter stopping traffic on I-5 as it passes thru Camp Pendleton.

San Juan Capistrano is one of the best preserved of the California Missions.  When the Spanish were colonizing Alta California in the 1700’s they built a string of missions along the coast about one days horse ride apart.  Each mission was part fort and part Catholic church.  They were designed to encourage the native Americans to convert to Catholicism.  California uses the missions as part of the 4th grade curriculum for elementary schools.  We remember helping Alex with the construction of his model mission when we lived in California.  The mission at San Juan Capistrano used to be famous for an annual return of swallows to the mission.  These days the swallows are going some where else due to urbanization around the mission.

The interior of the chapel at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

After the mission we stopped at a couple of breweries, and swung by Walmart to by a new water hose for Scout as our old one gave up the ghost yesterday.  We have been really impressed with the quality of the breweries in San Diego.

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