January 27, 2019 San Diego CA

Today is Dylan’s birthday so we planned a big day around town to celebrate.  We started out with a seafood brunch at Point Loma Seafood.  It is part fishmonger and part restaurant, definitely a laid back California experience, but the food was really exceptional, and was a good start to the day.

Our next stop was Cabrillo National Monument on a bluff overlooking San Diego harbor. This was the first day it was open after the government shutdown and a lot of people were coming out to use the facilities.  It is an interesting place located on former military property with stunning views of the harbor and the ocean.  The monument has exhibitions on Spanish explorers, as it is believed the monument contains the landing place of the Spanish explorer who was the first European to land in San Diego.  It also has a whale watching platform, some nice tidal pools, and exhibits on the military uses of the area.  We really enjoyed it.

The Cabrillo Monument to the first European to see San Diego Harbor.

Next we headed over to another San Diego brewery located right next to Point Loma Seafood.  We had a couple of rounds of really excellent Lagers and IPA’s and were quite impressed with Epigg Brewing.  Our next stop was going to be Pariah brewery for Pizza and beer.  When we got there Pizza was not available so we headed down the road for a great Mexican meal to wrap up the day.  Thanks Dylan for a fun week in San Diego.

The shore line at Cabrillo National Monument.

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