November 1, 2018 Issoire FR

After a short nights sleep and feeling a little worst for wear we woke up to beautiful blue skies.  It was time to make some tracks and begin heading towards the barn.  Today we decided to drive about half way to Sens, and for the first time we used a toll road on the trip to expedite the 550 km’s we wanted to drive.

There is not much to talk about today as it was a long drive, and it turns out a holiday in France so there was extra traffic.  Ton took a couple of windshield pictures of fall colors as we drove thru the central mastiff a mountainous region in central France.

This highway bridge the Viaduct de Millau jumps over a valley and is about 500 feet high and over two miles long.  It is also quite expensive costing €12, but it probably saves you 45 minutes of winding down into the valley and then climbing back out.  Instead you jump across the valley in 2 minutes.

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