November 2, 2018 Noyers FR

As the trip is winding down we are less focused on seeing things and more focused on moving in the right direction.  Now we are not googling good places to visit, but where are laundromats, and car washes in Sens.  

Today though we decided to make a couple of stops, the first was Vezeley and the second was Noyers.  We miscalculated the time it would take to cover the 200km’s as the GPS after behaving itself for the whole trip decided to send us on a 80km adventure along one and one and a half lane D roads which slowed us down considerably.  Having said that the leaves are turning here and we did see some really beautiful countryside. 

One of the roads the GPS sent us down, luckily we did not run into anyone.

When we arrived at Vezaley we pulled up in the parking lot and both of us realized we had stopped here in the spring.  It is a beautiful place but it was getting late, so we decided to head to Noyers.  It was a good decision.

Fall colors.

We arrived in Noyers about 4pm and it made a good first impression.  We quickly got our warm clothes on as it is quite cold and spitting rain on and off.   The town is one of the best collections of half-timbered buildings we have seen in France, and has an air of pride and history that made us like it quite a lot. Ton saw a patissiery and decided she wanted an eclair, but after we bought it we realized it was something else, but never the less delicious.

A courtyard of half timbered buildings in various states of restoration.
Two more examples of half timbered buildings.
A nice window surrounded by vines.

We ended the day in the gothic church at sunset and the stained glass windows were perfectly illuminated by the setting sun.  We are really looking forward to a walk in the morning, and the sun is supposed to be out then.  Right now the church bells are pealing and it is drizzling on the roof of François.  Tonight we are going to give François’ heating system a test as it is supposed to get down to freezing here.  

Stained glass at sunset.

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