November 3, 2018 Gron FR

We woke up to frost, another sign that it is time to probably be going.  In France most churches stop tolling there bells around 6 pm, but for some reason in Noyers they toll them all night, so I heard midnight counted off on the church bell.

The trip is pretty much in the maintenance phase at this point.  Today we headed towards Sens and began getting François ready to be put in the barn for the winter.  (in this case it literally is an old barn.)  After fueling up with diesel and propane our pockets were considerably lighter, due to a combination of expensive French diesel, and Ron letting the fuel gauge get into the red.  We stopped at Auchan to do some last minute gift shopping.  Ton had done an inventory of food and planned our last cooked meals, they are going to be large in order to get rid of all of the perishables.  

A village in Burgundy, one of many beautiful little villages tucked away in fields.

We have settled in in an aire in Gron and Ton is packing one of the suit cases.  This aire has this super high tech toilet unlike anything we have ever seen.  It is self cleaning, has a push button locking system, and dispenses soap, water, and air to dry out of a large fixture in the center.  Everyone who approaches it spends a few minutes studying how to operate the thing.

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