November 4, 2018 Gron FR

The weather is definitely going towards winter.  No frost this morning but very dense fog.  Over night we were joined by 4 other RV’s so it was not the quiet night we had expected.  

We had two main chores to accomplish today, wash our clothes and particularly the sheets and towels, and give François a bath inside and out.

Of the two chores the most dicey looked to be getting the laundry done.  We normally do our laundry at campgrounds as they usually have washers and dryers, but as the camping season is done, none of the campgrounds are open.  Last night we googled laundromats in Sens and only got one response and it is right in the middle of the old city.  We decided to head in there early to see if it did exist and if we could find a place to park reasonably close to the laundromat.  It did exist and after a small adventure down one way roads we found a place to park only 10 minutes away.  The first chore done, we headed over to Auchan and gave François a bath.  The next trip Ron is going to have to lay on some proper vehicle washing supplies.

Today is Sunday so by the time we finished those two chores everything was closed.  We headed back to Gron, and spent the afternoon cleaning up François’ interior and packing.  

Gron, the small village where we are spending the night.

In the evening we took a quick stroll around the park next to the aire.  The village has planted some apple trees in the park.  Each tree is a different variety, and they all still have fruit on them.  We were poking around looking at the apples when a couple from the village began encouraging us to eat them.  They were all delicious much to our surprise and you could really tell the differences in the varieties.

This fellow really encouraged us to take all we could.  Note the different varieties on the ground.
Ton’s favorite variety based on a taste test of the different apples.

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