November 6, 2018 Portland OR

We had an incident free flight.  Thank you United airlines.

Our first trip in our own RV in Europe is over.  We were a little nervous that we would burnout, but I think the opposite happened.  There were more places we wanted to see.  The only issue was the weather was starting to turn to winter.  During the trip we covered 5500 km’s (about 3400 miles).  We discovered some new parts of France, and really enjoyed Spain.  I think we could do another long trip in Spain and not repeat ourselves as we have Madrid, LaMancha, the Pyrenees, and Galicia to still visit.  We also think we need to give Brittany more time.

François performed well and gave us no issues. As time went by we found a good rhythm to the trip, and for the first time managed to take a few days off where we just sat and rested.

Our plans for the next trip to Europe are under way, right now it looks like Germany will be the target.  

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