October 31, 2018 Mataro SP

The problem with traveling during shoulder season is the weather is unpredictable.  It has been a wet October in Spain, and it culminated with today.  When we checked the weather last night they predicted a very large storm with possible flash floods, high winds and thunderstorms.  It was supposed to last all day.  Our original thoughts were to begin moving north towards France by bounding up the coast to Roses.  But when we checked the weather there it was actually supposed to be worst than Mataros.  Eventually we decided to hunker down for the day.

This picture is recycled as the weather did not allow us to get anything nice today.

Unfortunately the weather man got it right and it was spectacularly bad weather all day.  We were a little surprised that so many people were choosing to leave when the weather was so bad, and we were beginning to think we were whimps for not carrying on with our plans.  It turns out we did not know that today was the last day the campground was open this year and everyone has to be out by tomorrow morning.

We were going a little stir crazy so we decided to see if the campground had anything planned for the evening, and they did, a wine tasting.  We signed up and it became the highlight of our day.  The tasting was by a local winery in Mataro, and there were only 6 people at the tasting, two English couples and us.  Laura the representative from the winery had brought 4 wines to taste.  She did a great job of explaining the characteristics of the wine from Mataro, and the wines were quite good.  During the tasting we struck up a conversation with one of the English couples , and at the end of the tasting Laura surprised us by putting the 4 bottles in the center of the table and told us we were free to finish them, not knowing this we had also purchased a wine from them, so the 4 of us had the duty of finishing off 5 bottles of wine.  Lyndsey and her husband  John were kind enough to invite us over for supper so we could have some food with the wine.  It turned into a fun night, and it was nearly 1am when we made it to bed having done our duty and finished off all of the wine.  Thanks for the exceptional hospitality Lyndsey and John.

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