May 12, 2019 Schonach GE

Tonight we are sitting at the bottom of a ski run in the Black Forest of Germany.  We are near a small village called Schonach and the Aire/Stellplatz is quite nice.  When we arrived there was no machine to pay so we went to the info board, and it said to pay at a hotel in town.  The hotel was 800 meters (about 1/2 mile) away, we thought this was weird, but chalked it up to different ways.  We made the trip, paid our €7 and headed back to François with a packet of paper giving us permission to park.  When we got back to the Stellplatz a German Van pulled in.  We saw them wandering around, and then there was a knock on the door, and they asked how to pay.  I did my best to explain, they looked confused, and kept asking 800 meters?  After the third time trying to explain I took them over to the board and showed them.  They shook their heads and muttered in German as they headed into town, so the set up here is not a German thing, just weird.

It was still early so we decided to head down to a town nearby called Triburg which is supposed to be the Cuckoo Clock capital of Germany.  We knew we were in the right place as everywhere else we had driven thru on this trip was closed for Sunday, this place had nearly every store open.  There are several stores selling cuckoo clocks, and a couple of nice looking restaurants.  The town also has the highest waterfall in Germany, but we had a minimum walking policy for the day that was already messed up buying our parking pass, so we passed on the hike.

Germany’s highest waterfall was up above but we did not have the motivation to climb the hill.

We did drive down to see one of the worlds largest cuckoo clocks, it is quite large but it is unclear where it stands in the world of large cuckoo clocks.  It appears to have held the record for two years before being passed by one in Steamboat Colorado.

Probably the second largest cuckoo clock (possibly the third largest) in the world in Triburg Germany.

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