May 2, 2019 Les Riceys FR

We are still a bit jet lagged so we find we are falling asleep late and then sleeping in.  This morning we were not up until 9am.  The plan for the day was to return to the little village we stopped in yesterday.

Les Riceys is actually a combination of three villages that were at one point the border fortresses for 3 different principalities.  In the distant past before France was a country there was a Riceys in the Duchy of Sens, another in the Duchy of Burgundy, and a third in Champagne.  Each of the Riceys have their own fortified church.  They are now happily together as Les Riceys.  

The wine in the area is Champagne, though it has only been allowed to be called Champagne recently due to the strict French rules about these things.  It was restricted because some of the vineyards are in Burgundy, so it was not purely from Champagne.  Now they are allowed to call it champagne as the village mostly resides in Champagne.

A interesting store front in Les Riceys.

Today we stopped at two wineries.  At the first winery Pascal Walczak the owner welcomed us with open arms, but he did not speak English.  Luckily for us there were two other visitors from Luxembourg who took us under their wing and translated for us.  We learned a lot about Champagne.  We were also able to get some tips about places to go in Luxembourg and Germany from our impromptu translators.  It was a nice stop.

The weather called for hard rain in the afternoon so we rushed over to the Tourist Information to try to find another place to visit before the rain set in.  The office recommended a place called Morize Pere & Fils.  She called ahead and said that they were beginning a tour shortly and we needed to  head straight over.  When we go there it was a tour in French, with no helpful Luxembourgers along to help with the translation.  The tour guide was one of the sons, though he was our age.  The tasting was also nice, and the champagne was good.  The problem is neither Ton or I are big fans of champagne, and while we recognized it was good wine, it still was not to our taste.  

The sign board for the winery Champagne Morize Per and Fils.
Rose de Riceys, a very interesting wine unique to the area.

Les Riceys is a nice little village with a well kept feel, and a lot of wineries specializing in Champagne.  If you are a fan we highly recommend you try it.  Right after the second tour the hard rain arrived, so we hunkered down in François for the remainder of the day.

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