May 21, 2019 Garmisch GE

It did indeed rain 1 to 2 more inches overnight with strong wind.  We both woke up about 3 am with wind and extremely heavy rain hitting the window of the hotel room.  We rolled over and slept in to about 8:30 since our Bavarian Rail Pass does not allow us to use the transit system in Munich until 9am after rush hour.

Our plan was to take a train from Munich to Garmisch, and retrieve François from the US Army’s care.  When we got to the imposing Munich train station, I got into an information line to find the time for the next train to Garmisch as I was getting conflicting information on line.  When I got to the lady in the information booth and asked about a train to Garmisch she said we should not go to Garmisch today but wait until tomorrow. Not the answer I expected.  I asked her why and she repeated herself, wait until tomorrow.  While I appreciated her advice I needed to know why, I finally got her to tell me that there was flooding around Garmisch and the trains were not running to there.  While I was processing that confusing conversation Ton came by and told me there was a train to Garmisch in half an hour on track 29.  Now I was really perplexed. 

Munich station the beginning of our travel adventure today.

We decided to head on down to track 29 to see if there was a train.  Sure enough as we arrived there was a nice local train with Garmisch on the display board.  Still concerned about flooding in Garmisch we wandered back and fourth on the platform a few minutes before we spotted a conductor for the German Rail.  He told us that the tracks to Garmisch were indeed flooded, but they were running the train to Murnau, and then taking the passengers on to Garmisch by bus.  So after much confusion we now had the full picture and got on the train.  

Just before the train departed there was a long announcement in German, and a nice lady next to us translated it for us to confirm we were going by train to Murnau, and bus to Garmisch.  Arriving at Murnau, we got off the train with about 30 other customers, and there was no bus.  Ton and I just joined the end of the line and waited for the Germans to sort out what was next.  Eventually we all huddled in a bus shelter, there was a bus at the end of the lot but the driver sat there and ignored us.  After a couple of false alarms for local busses a bus pulled in and dropped off a bunch of passengers bound for Munich.  Just as everyone was about to board the bus the driver stepped off and said he was finished.  Germans usually are pretty stoic, but this group had enough and began to let the driver of the bus have it pretty loudly.  Just then the bus that had been sitting there since we arrived moved up to the bus stop opened his door and told us he was taking us to Garmisch.   Apparently he was not on duty for the 30 minutes he had been sitting there watching us all try to stay out of the rain and wind while he sat on a warm bus.

As we drove to Garmisch we saw why we were not taking the train.  In the low lying fields the Losaich River was way out of its’ banks and running hard.  So our 75 minute train ride took three hours, but we finally made it to Garmisch.  

A view of the Losaich as it runs into Garmisch.

After getting François back we took advantage of the big (and cheap) American washers and dryers at the hotel.  Did a quick shop at the PX to get some more electric adapters, and settled back into François to listen to the rain.

The river by the road into the campground, apparently it was up to the road in the morning.

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