May 4, 2019 Riquewihr FR

The weather has been pretty mediocre.  Nearly every day has had some showers and most days the highs have been in the 50’s and lows in the low 40’s so we have been using more gas than normal.  Today was supposed to be particularly bad with rain pretty much all day, highs in the low 40’s and lows around freezing.  When we woke up this morning the weather app had a pretty ominous warning in French about a chance of snow.  We got on the road early to cover about 120 km’s to Alsace before the worst of the weather set in.

Our Garmin did pretty good routing us for the first half of the trip until near the end she decided to take a short cut over a winding mountain road.  We were in the Vosges which are a pretty major mountain range and even the main roads were pretty twisty.  

Ton tried to talk me into ignoring her and stay on the main road, but I figured what the heck.  The road was a little narrow and steep and ultimately pretty but while it may have saved 10 km’s it came at the cost of about 20 km’s at 40 kph as we negotiated hairpin curves while going up and down various mountains, so we did not come out ahead.

Views from our “shortcut”, note the snow on the mountain in the background.

We are planning to spend the next few days in the Alsace wine region.  The Alsace is on the border with France and Germany and over the last 250 years has changed hands between the two countries 4 times.  It is an interesting mix of French and German cultures.  

After we settled in the temperature dropped the wind kicked up and the rain starting pounding.  Some days you just need to hunker down and wait out the weather.  In the evening we did get a little walk in to break the cabin fever. 

A view of Beblenheim the little village next to our campground. 
Ton likes this because my coat matches the poppies.

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