May 5, 2019 Riquewihr FR

The weather had gotten a little better overnight after heavy rain as we fell asleep.  While it was still pretty cold and cloudy it was not raining.  Today we visited Riquewihr and Ribeauville.  They are both listed as must see villages in Alsace.  

The first stop was Riquewihr as we could walk there from our campground.  As we were walking into town Ton stopped me and pointed at what I thought was a wineshop. It turns out she had read about this excellent microbrewery in Ribeauville and we had found it.  We went in sampled their IPA and a Belgian Dark.  Both were excellent.  Refreshed, we headed into town.  The town was as beautiful as the guidebooks suggested, but very tourist oriented.  

The entry into Riquewihr.

As we were walking up and down the streets we saw a large group of Asian tourists and presumed they were Chinese.  It turns out they were Thai.  After spending a couple of hours in town Ton had killed the battery on her iPhone taking pictures so we decided to head back to François for lunch and to charge her phone.

After lunch we headed over to Ribeauville.  It was a short drive over in François.  Ribeauville was supposed to be larger but less picturesque than Riquewihr according to both of our guidebooks.  Since it was Sunday the parking was easy.  Our first site on entering the town were two storks nesting on a large timber building.

Storks are a big thing in Alsace.  They build these stork nest platforms in towns and fields to keep the storks from nesting on chimneys and utility poles.
Ribeauville is in a valley surrounded by vineyards with three castles overlooking it.  The combination of colorful timbered houses, the vineyards and the castles make for some great views. 

In fact despite the guidebooks Ton and I liked Ribeauville a little better.  It had more of the timbered homes, and it felt less like a tourist town and more like a real town that had great views.

A collection of half timbered buildings from Riquewihr and Ribeauville.

As we were walking thru town we came on a different group of Asian tourists, and much to our surprise they were also Thai.  It is a rare day when the only Asian tourists you meet in France, are Thai.  This time I could not resist and one of the Thai couples were taking turns turns taking pictures of each other so I asked them in Thai if they wanted me to take their picture.  They were pretty startled to have a pharang (white guy in Thai) speaking Thai to them.

This little guy was in the field next to where we parked François, who can resist a cute lamb.

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