May 7, 2019 Colmar FR

Colmar is by far the largest city we have stayed in so far on this trip while it is only 65,000 people most of the places we have been staying have populations less than 2,000 so it felt quite big.  The camp site we are staying at is about 2km’s from the center of the city so we even wimped out and bought day bus passes.  It turned out to be a good idea as by the end of the day we had walked 10 miles despite taking the bus into town.

We really enjoyed Colmar as it had a lot to see and do in a pretty compact area.  We started at the tourist office and picked up a map for the walking tour of the town.  Colmar is the home town of Frederic Bartholdi who is the artist who sculpted the Statue of Liberty.  

The metal pointers used to guide you as you follow the walking tour of Colmar.

Colmar also had a great selection of half timbered buildings but on a little grander scale than the smaller villages we have been visiting.  After a week of touring towns and villages of these half timbered towns we are still enjoying them.

Some more of the beautiful architecture of Alsace.  They do a nice job of decorating them also.

Colmar also has a section called little Venice with some small canals with homes built on the canals.  It is a pleasant area that they maximize the tourist value of the canals.

Some photos of the little Venice area of Colmar.

Up to now on the trip we had not eaten out except for our Chinese the first night.  There were two Alsace dishes we wanted to try.  The first was Bretzel, which is a pretzel with toppings.  For our mid-morning snack we had Bretzel with Munster Cheese which is a local cheese.  It was very reasonable at €1.50 and made for a nice snack.

Many variations of Bretzels on display.  We recommend the Munster.

The other dish is called Tarte-Flambeê in French or Flammakueche in Alsatian, we decided to go with the French as we could pronounce it.  It is flat bread covered with cream, onions, and other toppings.  It is very similar to pizza but quite a bit lighter.  We decided to split one for lunch and choose a simple one of cream, onions, cheese, and ham.  We were both very happy with our Tarte-Flambeê.  Ton says Trader Joes has frozen ones at home so we will be looking for them in the future.

Our Tarte-Flambeê/Flammakueche  lunch.

After covering our 10 miles on foot we decided to head back to François for a little break.  Ron took a little nap, and Ton made a nice dinner of sausages potatoes, and Choucroute which is Alsatian sauerkraut.  Something we will be looking to stock up on before we leave France as it is quite good and now a super food that helps our digestion.

After dinner we went for a little walk and watched some canoes in the river next to our campsite.  It was a nice way to wrap up a good day here.

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