May 8, 2019 Kehl GE

Today we left France for the day.  We are parked up in Kehl Germany as it was the best option to visit Strasbourg France.  The problem was that when we woke up the weather report had gotten much worst.  They were now calling for heavy rain and high winds due to a “Bomb Cyclone’ that was hitting southern France.  I think a bomb cyclone is a new more dramatic way to say cold front, but it certainly gets your attention.

As we learned yesterday Colmar was the home of Frederic Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty.  All of the guide books said there was a replica of the statue in Colmar, but we never found it.  As we were leaving Colmar on a four lane road thru an industrial park, there was the statue in the middle of a traffic circle, so we circled around a couple of times so Ton could get a good picture.

A replica of the Statue of Liberty in Colmar, the home of the sculptor.

We had a quick drive over to Kehl as the roads were mostly freeways, and arrived before the effects of the bomb cyclone.  We decided on a quick trip into the town  to see what was there.  Like many border towns the center seemed to cater mostly to day trip shoppers from France looking for bargains.

Downtown Kehl, mostly consisting of shopping aimed at French day trip visitors.

We did get to visit a Woolworths Department Store which while they became extinct in the US about 25 years ago are still going strong in Mexico, France, and Germany. After a quick walk thru downtown Kehl, and our first visit to a German grocery store, the rain was starting to set in so we hustled back to François.

Some days we tour exotic medieval cities, and some days we hunker down in the back of François.  This afternoon we hunkered down and watched a good Netflix Movie with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson.  

After a lot of time looking for a good French beer we have now discovered one.  We have tried two different types of Fischer Beers and they are both excellent.

The Fischer Three Alsatian Hops Blonde, a really good beer.

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