June 23, 2019 Sens FR

Today was our last day with François so our priority was to get to Sens in time to make a quick run thru Auchan to pick up some last minute snack food, as we came to the realization a couple of days ago that Icelandic Airlines will not provide us food on our 11 hours in the air coming home.  We picked them primarily because they had a flight into Portland from Reykjavik and we were thinking about using them in the future as the connections are clean.  It never occurred to us that an airline would put you on an 11.5 hour flight and expect you to buy food.  Plus the fare was not particularly a bargain, live and learn.

Now that we are back in France and trying to avoid tolls Greta picked a route that while inexpensive turned out to involve quite a few country roads that had our speed down, so the trip took about 40 minutes longer than we planned, but all ended well as we arrived at Auchan with an hour to spare before their 1230 Sunday closing time.  

The country side in France is really magnificent.  Several times per day you come across a view like this.

We had also planned to give François a good bath today, but a few minutes into the wash, the car wash broke down. We quickly took advantage of the water that we had to give him a quick wipe down, and he ended up presentable.

Ton spent the afternoon packing and cleaning the interior while I tried to stay out of the way, but remain available when heavy things needed lifting.

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