June 24, 2019 Gron FR

We dropped François off and took our normal route to Paris.  Everything worked as it should, except there was a long line to buy tickets for the train to the airport so we missed the last shuttle of the afternoon for our hotel.  With the help of a couple of French ladies we were able to convince another hotel (with the help of €10) to drop us off at our hotel.   The air conditioner in our room did not work and it was around 90 degrees, fortunately the window opened so we were able to cool the room down to sleep.  We think its time to look for a new hotel. 

Our neighbor at the aire in Gron last night.  We are not sure what kind of cow this is.

Dinner was at our normal kebab place near the hotel.  They did not have AC either so we did not linger.  The highlight of the day was watching the US beat Spain in the Women’s World Cup.

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