October 10, 2019 Marsala IT

Our ferry ride was relatively uneventful though it was 23 hours instead of the advertised 19 hours.  We never found out what caused the extra 4 hours of time but we suspect that it was due to the cruise ship we passed leaving port as we pulled in.  As a result we put our trip to the grocery aside and headed straight to our campground.

The port of Trapani Italy as we pulled in on the ferry.

Once we off loaded we had a 30 kilometer introduction to Italian driving.  Up until now we had been driving in countries that on the whole behaved like American drivers when faced with decisions.  No passing zones mean you do not pass, stop signs are meant to be stopped at, and no parking means no parking.  My initial feeling is that driving here is a lot like driving in Mexico.  People are relatively predictable but you have to know the unwritten rules as well as the written rules, and expect a little more aggressive driving.  Hopefully we will adapt pretty quick.  As we were driving up to the campground Ton said that Sicily reminded her of Thailand, which is mostly good.  Tomorrow will be our introduction to Italy as visitors.

This area is famous for salt production.  We passed several of these salt works on the way to the campground.

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