October 16, 2019 Tropea IT

Ton read my account of entering Tropea yesterday and said it sounded a little whiny.  Ton thought Tropea was a really beautiful city, and felt I should have spent more time talking about how beautiful the town was, about our fun encounter with a young clerk in a food shop and that the water off shore was a beautiful emerald color.  So I apologize to Tropea for not giving it it’s due yesterday.  

Another picture of Tropea to make up for my whining.

As usual on these trips we start to panic when we realize that there is more to see than we have time for.  Today we are two weeks into the trip, and have a lot more to cover.  I had hoped to spend more time in the far south, but we both agreed that there was a lot to do around Naples so we made the decision to have a big travel day up to Naples.  It helped that it was our first rainy day of the trip so we headed up the excellent and mostly free Autostrada to Pompeii.  Tonight we are parked in the Spartacus Campground across the street from the entrance to the Pompeii archeological site.

The A2 Autostrada in Southern Italy is quite an engineering feat, we must have passed thru more than 50 tunnels from 100 to 2500 meters long.

Since there is not a lot to talk about today I am going to tell one of my favorite stories from Sicily.  As we were walking around Sicily we kept seeing these flower pots of a male and female head.  The male head looked Arabic, and was often black.  We finally dug up the story behind these pots. 

These flower pots are all around Sicily.

Once upon a time in Palermo there lived a fair maiden who was extremely beautiful, but she was a loner, and was not interested in suitors.  One day a Moorish Prince landed in Palermo, and spotted the fair maiden and fell in love.  He boldly entered her home and professed his love.  The fair maiden was taken by his forwardness and agreed to allow him to become her lover.  One day she asked when he planned to marry her, he then confessed that he must return to Africa tomorrow, and that he had a wife and family at home.  The maiden said nothing, but that night she murdered him in her bed, cut his head off and turned it into a flower pot so he would be with her forever.  How very Sicilian!

Another set of flowerpots.

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