October 19, 2019 Naples IT

We slept in a bit today, and after pottering around the campground a while we headed into Naples.  When we got to the train platform here in Pompei we ran into the French couple we did the Amalfi coast with yesterday.  Ginette and Michel were also going into Naples for the day and we ended up joining up with them.

Romance in the air in Naples.  Ton had no idea she caught the couple in the lower left corner in the photo.

We did a couple of driving tours of Naples to get a feel for the city.  Naples is an interesting city.  It is as chaotic as any city you would find in the world, Ton said the traffic reminds her of Bangkok.  The traffic is a free for all, and entertaining to watch if you are not driving.  The city itself is grimy but seems full of character.  The setting for the city is absolutely beautiful with a large bay with the Amalfi coast in the distance, and Mt. Vesuvius looming over the port.  This is a city that no one is going to be neutral on, you are going to love it for its character and in your face attitude, or you are going to hate it for its grime, and lack of discipline.  I was a little tempted to extend one more day to spend some time on foot to get a better sense of the city, but Rome is calling.

The fort guarding the harbor in Naples.

We had a nice meal with Ginette and Michel, and really enjoyed our day with them.  Despite not having a common language we had a good time and learned about each other.  As the day went on Michel tried out his limited English, and Ton even began to dredge up some of her college French.  We really enjoyed their company and feel like we made some new friends.

Ton really liked this dog water fountain.

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