October 2, 2019 Sens FR

We made it back to France.  This time the trip was on Delta Airlines and unlike our previous flight on Icelandic they provided plenty of food for free.  Another bonus is that they are flying 767’s on the route from Seattle to Paris which comes with 2-3-2 seating so Ton and I had our two seats to ourselves which is another bonus.  

We were impressed the first time we arrived at Charles DeGaulle airport as there was no wait at all for immigration.  This time was absolutely the opposite, their were easily a couple of thousand people in the arrival hall and the crowd had spilled outside the roped off area into a hallway where people fed in from three different directions so getting a line of any type formed out there was going to take some effort on someone’s part, unfortunately the people working there chose not to be the ones to make the effort, so the passengers did their best to organize things. it took nearly two hours to clear immigration.

The rest of the trip worked as planned with our normal train ride from the airport to downtown, a short trip on the metro to Gare DeBercy and a train to Sens.  Overall from leaving our house to arriving at the hotel in Sens was a 28 hour trip.  

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