October 23, 2019 Passignano IT

We have moved north towards Tuscany.  Our plan for the day was to visit the university town of Perugia.  Parking and places to stay were pretty slim, but there was one campground mentioned on the edge of town so we headed towards that.

Our French friends Michel and Ginette from Pompei ended up in the spot next to us in Rome so we took the time to say au revoir before we headed North.  We smacked our foreheads about an hour down the road for not getting a picture with them.  Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future so we can take care of that problem.

Leaving Rome was very straightforward. Overall Rome was a fairly easy to get in and out of in François, and we were pleasantly surprised how easy and convenient the public transit was.  The other thing that was special about Rome is that every time we had a doubt or were struggling with a machine someone stepped forward to offer help or directions.  While the sights and food of Italy are fantastic, we have been both really impressed with the Italians.  They have been overwhelmingly hospitable to us, warm  and fun to deal with.  They seem genuinely concerned that you enjoy your time in Italy.

Interesting fruit (we think) on a tree in Passignano.

After a couple of hours we arrived at the campground in Perugia and it was closed.  I had been worried about that possibility so we had plan B which was Lake Trasimeno.  Lake Trasimeno is the fourth biggest lake in Italy and a large resort area.  The town we are in has train service to Perugia so we have the option of heading into there tomorrow.  

Sunset on Lake Trasimeno from our campground.

We finished the day by heading into Passignano to check it out.  It is a very quaint lake front town with a nice promenade and several restaurants facing the lake.  We walked a little further than we planned to to visit a Conad Grocery.  We had not visited a Conad yet and Ton wanted to see one as it is the biggest chain in Italy.  Another item checked off the list of things to do in Italy.

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