October 3, 2019 Sens FR

Started the day by going over to retrieve François from storage at Eurocamping Cars.  The next stop was Garage Alary to get some new tires installed on François.  The designated English speaker Abdelsem did a good job of making us feel welcome.  Two hours later we have new tires and were on our way to Sens for some grocery shopping.

I misread the gauge on the control panel and thought the battery was down on François so instead of going to the free aire in Gron we usually stay in we went to the pay aire in Sens as it provides electricity.  As it turns out we had electricity, not water.  So instead of staying in Gron for free with free water, the pay aire in Sens charges an extra 2 euro for 10 minutes of water.  My first mistake of the trip on the first day.  I tried to convince Ton it is better here because their is a Lidl across the street to shop in, but she knows better.

François parked in the aire in Sens.

We finished the day up with a short trip to Lidl and an early supper.  Tonight will be an early one as we are both quite jet lagged.

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