October 4, 2019 Gron FR

Today we moved about 5km’s to our favorite aire at Gron.  Jet lag won the day and neither one of us were moving around until about 11:30 so we decided to take care of a couple of more things around our base in Sens before hitting the road tomorrow.

The biggest thing was to fill up the LP and top off the fuel in François.  It looks like we will have some cool nights so the heater is going to be running.  They have been having a drought around here so of course we show up and bring them three days of rain and cool weather.

One small adventure happened today.  E. Leclerc is one of our favorite grocery chains in France and the one in Sens has propane and relatively cheap fuel so we decided to head over there.  It is not pay at the pump so we had to circle thru the pay station twice to take care of our two different fuel needs.  

When we finished the fuel merry go round we headed over to the parking lot for the store, and they had installed height barriers restricting the parking lot to 2.3 meters (François is 2.9 meters).  We have shopped here on every trip so I thought they must have at least one part of their large parking lot open to Campers, and as we drove around the lot the last entrance had the height barriers open so we pulled in and parked.  After we finished our shopping we came out and while we were in the store they had closed the height barrier trapping us inside.  

An example of the height barrier used to keep RV’s like François out.

As I was trying to sort out how we were going to escape another Camper pulled up.  We had a short conversation in sign language and Franglish where he told me (and I am paraphrasing greatly) that his camper was 2.8m and he fit under the sign.  Meanwhile a couple of cars had pulled up behind us and were watching us figure this out, then a third car came up and began blowing his horn where upon we both gave him a big Gallic shrug, like what do you want.  The guy in the shorter camper went under the bar without hitting, and then got out to guide me thru.  Taking it slow we escaped under the barrier, and with a shake and a bon journey we were on our way to the aire to finish our day.

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