October 5, 2019 Lyon FR

We are both battling a little bug coupled with jet lag and a pretty good storm resulted in a poor nights sleep for both of us.  As a result we decided to just jump on the road and get some miles towards our ultimate destination.  

We have been wanting to visit Lyon and it was about half way to Toulon so we decided to head there for the day.  Ton suggested we go ahead and pay to use the Autoroute so it was a very easy day of driving for me, but a little expensive.  By the time we arrived in Lyon we decided to just explore the area around the campground. The area around us appears to have been part of the fortress system for Lyon in the past, so there were a lot of tall walls.  The town center was nice and we gawked at some beautiful French pastries, the French really do pastries right.  

A father and son Petanque game in the village square near our campground.

After stretching our legs we decided to turn in early and get ready to try to take Lyon by storm tomorrow.

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