October 7, 2019 Port Grimaud FR

Another day of big driving, and me being clueless.  We wanted to get down somewhere near Toulon as our ferry to Sicily leaves from there on October 9.  Ton thought hanging around near the rich at Saint Tropez would be fun.  Port Grimaud is only about 10 km’s from Saint Tropez and would let people of our economic stature hang around; so that was the target.

Before the trip I thought we needed an oil change as my research indicated that the oil was due to be changed at 45,000 km’s.  I had planned to have the oil changed when we got the new tires for François but I had a conversation with someone who managed a fleet of vehicles like François who said that oil change was 50.000 km’s so I decided to hold off until we returned from Italy.  It turns out my research was right and about halfway to Port Grimaud we got a flashing red oil can on the dash of François.  In my experience anything on the dash that is red and related to oil needs immediate attention.  We pulled into the first rest area on the autoroute  and I checked the oil.  It was low, but not out so I added a liter and expected the light to go out.  It did not so as I drove south Ton began looking for a Fiat dealer or mechanic and she came up with one.  Well after about a 40 minute detour we came to the location of the Fiat mechanic according to Google, and it was a brand new KFC.  Since all of the dealers who could deal with François were on lunch break anyway I took the time to do some more research and it turns out that the flashing red oil can indicates the need to change the oil and not a problem with the oil, so we decided to carry on with our trip and find a place to change the oil when we get to Italy.

Sunset at the beach for our campground.  Saint Tropez is across the bay.

So after a little drama, we are now in a very large campground next to the Mediterranean Sea, and looking forward to heading into Saint Tropez tomorrow to see how the 1% live.  

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