October 8, 2019 St. Tropez FR

Today François stayed in place while we visited the neighboring city of St. Tropez.  It was a short bus ride to St. Tropez, but it was a change from middle class to uber rich.  Port Grimaud is a pretty city on the same bay as St. Tropez, but while prosperous it features 40 foot boats and nice condos.  5km’s away St.Tropez features 100 foot plus yachts, and helicopters scurrying over carrying their owners to their estates.

We can see why St. Tropez is such a hit with the jet setters as the climate and the setting is spectacular.  The water in the bay is crystal clear and generally calm.  It became one of the “it” places in the world largely because of Brigitte Bardot in the 1960’s.  Several of her famous movies were filmed in this area and put St. Tropez on the map.  It is a pretty little town with lots of restaurants and high end shops lining the waterfront.  There are a lot of people walking up and down the harbor gawking at the yachts.  The actual uber rich were out of site or blending in with the crowds.

The harbor in St. Tropez with some of the smaller yachts.

Ton had two things she wanted to accomplish;  she wanted to visit the road named after one of her favorite authors Antoine de Saint-Exupèry, and to take a picture of a statue of Brigitte that is in town.  After we walked thru the town we headed out to find the road dedicated to Antoine. He was Ton’s favorite author when she was studying French.  The Little Prince is his most famous work.  Antoine was a true renaissance man as in addition to being a great writer he was also an early aviator and explorer.  It is located next to the old fort on the hill above town and had a great view of the town and the bay.  We both find that we find small connections to our youth by exploring these towns and it adds some fun to the trip.

The signpost for Antoine de Saint-Exupèry, with a holder for his fans to leave flowers.

After our walk around town and up to the fort we were hungry.  Ton had two restaurants on her list, but one had gone out of business, and the other was closed, and as we were running out of time for lunch we popped into a Thai restaurant.  This was our first Thai restaurant in Europe and we left a little disappointed.

Where we should have had lunch.

The final stop for the day was to be a statue to Brigitte Bardot, but after walking the streets looking for it (including seeing several French restaurants that only added to our disappointment with lunch), we came to the statue of Brigitte and had a good laugh.  When we first got off the bus we walked thru a little square with a cute statue of a women nude, and Ton took several pictures of it as she really liked it.  It turns out this was the famous Brigitte statue that we were looking for.  Brigitte while long retired still lives in St. Tropez.

The statue of Brigitte Bardot who helped put St. Tropez on the map.

Since we were next to the bus station we headed back to the campground for a light dinner and a walk along the beach at sunset.

St. Tropez is full of art galleries. Some of the artists looked quite talented.

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