October 9, 2019 Toulon FR

There really is not much to talk about today.  We needed to be in Toulon at 3:30 pm to catch our ferry to Sicily, so there was no time for exploring.  We spent the morning poking around the campground taking care of cleaning, dumping tanks, and filling tanks.  At 11:30 we took off for Toulon looking to fill François up, and maybe do a quick shop for some of our favorite French things before we depart for Italy.

Everything was going to plan until it was time to get fuel.  Periodically our American credit cards are refused at French fuel dispensers.  There is no rhyme or reason about when it will happen, but it happened today.  In the past we were able to overcome this by using a debit card we travel with for emergencies, but today they even refused that. So we were stuck on a tour of fuel stations of Toulon until we found one with a human being who could process our credit cards.  Five stations later we finally found a station with an attendant and filled up François.

François and Ron waiting to board the ferry to Sicily.

When we parked in the line for the ferry I noticed the camper van in front of us had Thai writing on it. I went up to ask the French couple about why, but it turns out they had bought the van used and did not even know the strange writing was Thai, they just liked the way it looks!

Fuel taken care of we headed over to the ferry.  It is the largest ferry we have been on and is almost like a mini-cruise ship, complete with bars and multiple restaurants.  So after settling in we went up top to watch our departure from Toulon on the way to Trapani Italy.

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