November 14, 2019 Nice FR

We have a friend who arrived in Paris a few days ago.  Ton and her have been keeping in touch and sharing some photos.  We thought they were going on to Savona from Paris, but last night she sent Ton a message saying they were going to Mice today.  Ton showed me the message and said do you think she means Nice?  A short phone call confirmed that she was heading our way and would arrive on a train about 1:15.  So our plans for today were set with a happy meeting of friends.

In the morning we took care of our last laundry for the trip, anything that gets dirty from this point is going home with us.  The weather was threatening all day but the rain held off in the morning.  As we were locking up François to head to the rail station a French couple walked up and hit me with a long and complex blast of French.  When he took a breath I told him that I was very sorry but I do not speak French.  They switched to English and we had a nice conversation about traveling both here and in the US.  

We arrived at the train station a few minutes before the train from Paris arrived and were able to meet our friends at the platform.  It was a nice surprise for them as our friend from Portland Boo had not told the other two couples she was traveling with that we were in Nice.  After saying hello to Moo, Nit, Jeap and Dit we headed off to their hotel.  

We love traveling.

After they checked in we were off to the promenade and old town for a bit of sight seeing and catching up.  They are on an extensive trip that started in Paris, they are heading on to Italy to catch a trans-Atlantic cruise to Brazil, after they arrive they are going to linger in South America for a couple of weeks.  Ton and I are a little jealous.

Ton and one of her very best friends from Oregon Boo.

Walking along the promenade and the old town of Nice was fun as we exchanged travel stories.  The promenade was empty as while it was not raining yet the wind was blowing hard and it was cold.  Despite this everyone was having a good time.  Ton and Boo were having a great time talking as they walked arm in arm thru town.  I think it was good for Ton to have a friend to talk to instead of me and in Thai instead of English.

After a few hours we realized that we had left the key to the gate for the campground in François.  The campground we are staying in is gated and they close the gate at 7pm, without the key we would not have access, so we left a little earlier than we wanted to, but this turned out to be a good thing.

As we were walking to the train station it started to rain.  The weather report today was pretty ominous actually with high winds and heavy rain called for.  It turns out while the wind and rain was delayed, when it hit, it hit with a vengeance.  When we got off the train in Villeneuve we were struck with a gust of wind of 20 plus miles per hour and heavy sideways rain, umbrellas were collapsing and people were actually staggering as they stepped off the train.  The walk back to François was in a ferocious rain and wind storm, with flashes of lightning to add to the fun.  By the time we arrived at François we were soaked to the skin, and now the bathroom is full of wet clothes.

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