November 17, 2019 Gron FR

Today was cleaning and packing day.  On Sundays what little that is open is open between 9am to Noon, so we headed out early to the grocery.  I asked to head to Leclerc because I wanted to try to get some LP gas so we could be toasty tonight.  Unfortunately the LP gas pumps were closed for Sunday, so I will cross my fingers that it does not get too cold tonight and I will set the thermostat a little lower than I wanted.  Bad planning on my part as I thought we would be fine for the rest of the trip.

At Leclerc we did find a very nice carwash that was better than the one we had used in the past.  So I spent a half hour pressure washing François while Ton worked on cleaning the interior.  The next stop was Auchan to buy some food for dinner, and to give Ton a last walk thru a grocery on this trip.  When we got there Ton told me to get lost for an hour so she could pack and I would just be in the way.

As we were leaving Auchan we saw the major traffic circle on the main road had been taken over by the Yellow Vests.  Today was the first anniversary of the Yellow Vest movement in France.  It has been covered lightly in the US.  It is a protest movement against some of the rationalization of the French economy that has been proposed by their President Macron.  The folks come out every Saturday and sit in the middle of the traffic circles that are all around France. They occasionally enter the circles and slow down traffic.  Unfortunately the protests today became violent in Paris, though the one we saw in Sens seemed very peaceful and was mostly people standing around a bonfire keeping warm.  On the way back to the aire we came across another group occupying a different traffic circle who were motorcyclists, we were not sure what they were protesting but one of the signs seemed to say that there were too many photo radars.  While we were waiting to get thru the circle one lady came barreling around the cars in line and tried to force her way thru the circle while shouting and getting shouted at by the motorcyclists.

The Yellow Vests in Sens.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

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