Corbin Voyage France and Spain 2018

Our first trip as owners of a Camping Car in Europe was in the fall of 2018. Our target for this trip was Spain, but we had a very difficult time getting out of France. After about 10 days we realized we were still quite a long way from Spain, and we still discovering places in France we wanted to visit.

Eventually we did succeed in leaving France and heading to Spain. Spain did not disappoint us. It was a constant series of exciting and beautiful towns and cities. We spent more time in cities in Spain than we normally do, but they were all worth the extra planning that goes along with urban visits in a RV.

The highlight of the trip was Seville, but there were many other highlights as well. Unfortunately we ran out of time and ended up skipping most of central Spain including Madrid. We will have to plan another trip to Spain in the future.

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