Affascinante sud Italia Fall 2019

We were charmed by Italy. It became clear how charmed when I went to make the photo gallery for our trip to Italy that we had taken to calling Affascinante Italia. It was clear that we had too many photos for one photo gallery so I have made two. Initially we were going to call the trip Bellissimo Italia or beautiful Italy, but as we spent more time there we began to realize that it was more than the beauty that appealed to us.

Italy has a charm to it that really appealed to us. It is a bit rough around the edges, (and sometimes not just the edges) but for us that gives it a character we really enjoy. The beauty of the cities is undeniable. Couple the beauty with the fantastic food and great mostly unpretentious wine and we were hooked. To finish off the charm the Italians we ran into were universally fun, helpful, and nice. Thus by the end we changed the name to Affascinante Italia or charming Italy.

We divided the photos with everything from Sicily to Rome in the southern gallery. This includes Lyon and St. Tropez in France as we were heading towards Sicily.

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