January 19, 2020 Burns OR

We realized that Scout has been lonely in the driveway and has not moved in nearly a year.  This is definitely not good for a RV so we were looking for an opportunity to take a trip before we take our spring trip to Europe.  Ton has a much more active social life than I do and she was having a hard time freeing up time, and she is also not a fan of cold weather camping.  On the other hand I had time on my hands and was going a little stir crazy at home so we made a decision for me to take Scout out on a trip by myself, this means the pictures are not going to be as good.  I do not have an agenda besides getting out of the gloom of Oregon and finding some sun.  The initial thought is to head towards Arizona.

Today was about getting over the mountains before the next storm runs thru and makes crossing over the passes difficult.  Ton and I spent the last couple of days stocking up Scout for the trip.  She was even nice enough to cook some of my favorite meals so I can microwave them.  So I was ready to make an early start as the best stop for the first night was Burns which is about 330 miles.  Last year we took a different route home thru central Nevada and it was really beautiful, so I decided to head south that way and this long drive would get me in position to do it.

The weather was clear and pretty warm on the west side of the mountains, but as I climbed up the temperature began to fall until it reached freezing and a there were a couple of accidents.  One of the accidents involved two cars and was pretty serious.  Some people get careless and try to drive too fast.  One fool even tried to pass two snow plows that were spreading cinders until the guy in the plow made it clear that was not going to happen. Between the accidents and the snow plows the trip over the passes took a while.

Detroit Lake Reservoir had been drained in preparation to receive the spring snow melt. It made for an eerie picture.

Once I descended down the weather was good and the skies were clear.  Eastern Oregon was its’ rugged and remote finest for the last three hours of the trip.  I love the emptiness of the high desert.  Last winter the campground we usually stay at  was closed when we went thru here and we ended up in a hotel.  This year I checked and their website indicated they were open, and sure enough they were.  So all ends well today and I hope my longest drive is behind me.

Mt. Bachelor and the Three Sisters were out today once I crossed over the mountains.

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