October 31, 2021 Seattle WA

After a quiet nights sleep in Dylan’s driveway, we woke up and joined him for a cup of coffee. We need to get back to Portland, so unfortunately so our day was going to be short.

Dylan lives in the Ballard section of Seattle, which used to be its own town. Interestingly it had to join Seattle because it did not have enough water, even though it is located in one of the wettest parts of the US. Ballard has a Sunday market, so we decided to head down there and take a look, before going for a big American breakfast.

After enjoying our meal we headed back to Dylan’s house to finish packing up Scout. After saying goodby to Dylan and Dottie the cat we headed off to Portland. The drive home was uneventful and quick, which is all you can ask for when driving from Seattle to Portland.

October 30, 2021 Seattle WA

We started the day with a final catch up with Ovi and Cory before heading off to Seattle to spend a couple of days with our son Dylan. We spent a couple of hours in the morning enjoying coffee and chatting with Ovi and Cory before heading off. It was nice catching up with them and we are hoping that they will be able to swing by Portland before heading home to Florida and on to Macedonia to reunite with their boat which has been stored there since the pandemic set in.

Dylan had some social obligations that meant he could not meet up with us until later in the day so we had some time to kill. Sequim has a Costco, so we headed over there to see if they had diesel and to have a walk around. After killing an hour or so window shopping we decided to get on the road for Seattle. As we were pulling out of Costco we saw Cory and Ovi pulling in and gave them a final wave.

The drive over to Seattle was pretty uneventful, except for some typical heavy traffic around Tacoma and downtown Seattle. We arrived at Dylan’s house a little before he did so we got settled in his drive way and met one of his house mates. He shares a nice house with a ocean view with two other people.

After Dylan arrived he recommended an Italian restaurant in his neighborhood. It was only a couple of blocks from his house and had one of the most elaborate outdoor dining areas we have ever seen, with awnings, curtains, and a fire pit at every table. The food was quite good and we had a nice catch up.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up and playing with Dylan’s cat Dottie.

October 29 2021, Sequim Washington

We spent the night before at an Indian Casino near Sequim which is pronounced Squim. The set up was very much like an aire in Europe and included electricity and water. The best part was that it was free.

Cory and Ovi had a place they were staying at in Port Townsend and joined late in the morning. While we were waiting Ton and I decided to to take a walk up to the casino to take a look. As casinos go it was a nice one with two gaming floors separated by a lobby, one was smoking and one was non-smoking. We would have appreciated it if we were gamblers, though we did notice that the smoking casino was much busier than the non-smoking one.

Fall colors near our “Aire” at the Indian Casino.

They had a nice native American store in the lobby and we payed for our free night by picking up a couple of things from the store. Ton likes native American art and she thought the prices here were very fair.

When Cory and Ovi arrived we spent some time chatting and doing some maintenance on the trucks. One of our neighbors was from Sequim and spent some time giving Ovi some ideas for their stay on the Olympic peninsula.

One of the Totems produced by the artists at the Jamestown S’kallam tribe.

Ovi and Cory had noticed a Native Art store just before the casino so we decided to walk down there. The store was run by the same tribe that owned the casino and was located in the tribal village of the Jamestown S’kallam tribe. The store was nice and Ton was very tempted by several of the pieces of art. The village had a lot of very nice Totems that we all admired. Ton and I were very impressed with the casino and the village, the local guy we met earlier had also said how positive the relationship was between the tribe and the local community.

We finished the day up with a nice meal in Cory and Ovi’s Tiger.

October 28, 2021 Port Townsend WA

We have not been out in quite a while. Covid restrictions and life have kept us at home. But our good friends Cory and Ovi have been moving around the Pacific Northwest in their Tiger so we decided we needed to get out and see them. We have been keeping track of them as they have moved around and when they landed in one of our favorite areas and the weeks of rain we have been getting was forecast to change to sun for a few days, we decided to go and see them in Scout.

The drive north was in a torrential rain fall as the sun is not going to arrive until tomorrow. The only thing interesting on the drive was me getting in a fight with Greta Garmin as she decided to route us on a 15 mile country road side trip only to put us back on the freeway we had been happily going down for the previous 150 miles.

We met Cory and Ovi at a nice beach side park with great views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, except with the rain the visibility was only a couple of miles. But since the point was to catch up with them the rain did not matter. After a nice lunch and a bottle of wine and a lot of catching up Ovi and I decided to take a quick walk up into an old coast defense fort despite the rain. We returned soaked through much to the amusement of Cory and Ton who had continued their talk in the warm and dry Tiger while we were gone.